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December 14, 2021

The very first episode (snapshot? beta? whatever it was!) of Minecraft Now is hosted by Lydia, who explores the Caves & Cliffs Update with Henrik and Nir. We get a look of the amazing community creations you submitted, Jewel updates on the latest from the world of Minecraft, and special guest @iskall85 shows off his skills and builds something live! Watch the first episode of Minecraft Now, the new monthly livestream! #minecraftnow

00:00 Countdown
09:45 Intro
12:00 Caves & Cliffs Playthrough
26:50 Iskall85 Laugh Compilation
27:23 Iskall85 Intro
31:32 Iskall85 vs Ulraf
37:42 Iskall85 Build Challenge
41:37 You Made It (Community Creations)
52:12 Block Buzz with Jewel
56:27 Community Highlights
01:00:00 Iskall85 Build Reveal

#minecraftnow #iskall85 #cavesandcliffspartii #minecraft118 #ulraf #henrik