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October 15, 2021

Join the revolution in UNO® The Call of Yara, the latest UNO DLC based upon the unique world of Yara:

- UNO DONE THE YARAN WAY: Match your cards, get rid of your hand, and spice up the action with the classic cards and rules you know from UNO, but with a new resource management mechanic to add depth to the classic UNO gameplay:

- MORE TACTICS, ADDED STRATEGY: Collect Yaran pesos at the beginning of your turn: these pesos will help you hire powerful services to help you adapt your tactics and strategy to win.

- A NEW SPECIAL CARD: The new special wild card activates the Guerrilla’s Recorder card, a risky move. When this card is played, the Guerrilla Recorder will randomly choose an effect that will directly impact players’ wallets.

- INSPIRED BY THE EXHILIRATING AND LIBERATING ATMOSPHERE OF YARA: Plunge into the unique ambiance of the tropical paradise that is Yara.

UNO® The Call of Yara DLC is now available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch™, Windows PC, Stadia and Luna!

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