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October 19, 2021

After nearly 25 years, Grand Theft Auto has made an insane impact on the video game industry. Grand Theft Auto broke new ground after GTA III released, launching Rockstar into the limelight. Since then, the series has become synonymous with high quality open world exploration and freedom. Its locales of Liberty City, Vice City, and Los Santos have become intimately familiar with fans, as well as characters like Tommy Vercetti, Niko Bellic, Trevor Philips, Franklin Clinton, and Michael De Santa. Dave takes a look back at all of the GTAs to rank them worst to best.

Grand Theft Auto made its debut on the original Playstation back in 1997. But, it wouldn’t be until the third iteration, Grand Theft Auto III, that the series truly broke out becoming the household name it is today. Beyond its controversies, there’s good reason these games became so popular, all thanks to the wild amount of freedom and creativity the games employed and still employ to this day. But they need to be ranked! Because ... why not!