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November 1, 2021

Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One have had some solid console exclusives, and both indie developers and Microsoft's first-party studios are hard at work on more.
Xbox has had some excellent console exclusives over the past few years, a number that's likely going to grow during the Xbox Series X|S's lifecycle given Microsoft's string of studio acquisitions. But that's the future-we don't know for sure what will and what won't be dope. All we can do is look at what's currently out, and decide which games are the favorites.

00:18 - Microsoft Flight Simulator
00:55 - Sea of Thieves
01:44 - Halo: The Master Chief Collection
02:15 - Forza Horizon 4
02:37 - Gears 5
03:19 - Myst
03:52 - State of Decay
04:22 - Rare Replay
04:57 - Adios
05:35 - The Big Con
06:15 - Grounded
06:43 - Ooblets
07:20 - Sunset Overdrive
07:53 - The Vale: Shadow of the Crown