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April 2, 2022

What’s bright and blue and puts the dance moves to shame? After winning the mob vote at Minecraft Live 2021, the Allay is coming to Minecraft 1.19, the Wild Update. Discover the Allay’s Nether Update origins, the name we almost went with, and the early designs that are surprisingly hideous! (OK, they’re not hideous - we’re just still bitter about the dance moves thing).

00:00 Intro
00:53 The Origins of the Allay
02:05 The Allay's Purpose
02:19 Marilla's ANIME SPINOFF!
02:29 The Mob Vote
03:28 Born to Dance
03:45 Concept Art
03:51 Item-fetching mechanic
04:33 Prototype footage
04:50 Music and Hoppers

The awesome painting "Skull on Fire" used with permission of and thanks to Kristoffer Zetterstrand:

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