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January 30, 2022

February is absolutely stacked for new games releases. In this video, Dave talks about the 9 biggest game releases heading the way this month.

To kick off the first few weeks of the month, Dying Light 2: Stay Human and Lost Ark are sure to keep you busy. Dying Light 2: Stay Human. It’s the direct sequel to 2015’s zombie action parkour game, Dying Light, and like the original game, Dying Light 2 will include 4-player co-op multiplayer. Lost Ark is a Korean Award Winning MMOARPG which was originally released in 2019. It’s finally seeing a Western release this February, and many have been waiting years to be able to play this, as development originally started back in 2011.

Whether you're a strategy game fan or a fighting game fan, there's something for everyone towards the middle of the month. Total War: Warhammer III and King Of Fighters XV both release on the same day and are the next titles in each long-running series. These two huge releases are immediately followed by another with Horizon Forbidden West.

And of course, you can't talk about February releases without talking about Elden Ring. After a short delay, FromSoftware’s latest IP, Elden Ring, is finally releasing and is taking its tried and true weighted 3rd person medieval combat from Dark Souls, and introducing a vast open world to the mix.

For more information on release dates, news, and updates of all the games in the list, please visit!

Intro - 00:00
Dying Light 2 - 00:10
Lost Ark - 01:14
KOF XV - 02:18
Total War: Warhammer III - 03:37
Horizon Forbidden West - 04:37
Destiny 2: The Witch Queen - 05:56
Grid Legends - 06:58
Elden Ring - 08:18
Steam Deck - 09:51
Outro - 10:29