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September 27, 2021

We went hands-on with the first sector of Metroid Dread and it's clear there will be a lot of tense moments with nearly indestructible EMMIs hunting you. Dread releases in October on Nintendo Switch.

Metroid Dread doesn't waste any time in introducing what exactly there is to dread in the long-awaited sequel. Many of the game's trailers so far have featured the long-limbed, quadripedal robots known as EMMIs, who seem to be near impossible-to-kill sentries that series protagonist Samus Aran must simply avoid. EMMIs-or at least one version of them-are there right from the start of your adventure, and during the recent hands-on playthrough of the game's opening sector, EMMIs proved to be an effective, compelling way of instilling a healthy amount of panic to the series' tried-and-true core of action and exploration.