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February 24, 2022

Humanity continues its inexorable pace consuming all the natural resources of the planet, until it has when the time comes that the situation is untenable. Big corporations watching continued degradation the planet began to work on options to leave this world when the time came. So they created new technologies to create escape routes from earth, such as deep space exploration or travel quantum. It took humanity on the brink of extinction to bring these advances to light.
According to scientists, so that the planet could recover, the current population should be reduced to 5% of the total at that time, or there would be no resources to feed the rest. So big corporations, decided on their own and without taking into account the terrible policy of the governments, to carry out the survival of the species by natural selection and that only the strongest survived, but it had to be fair and each individual should be on an equal footing with the rest.

It was decided to create survival battles in places enabled for it. No one was forced to participate in this selection. Participation was voluntary, but the choice between starving or fighting to survive was simple.

Such events could not take place on Earth due to total disagreement between the corporations and the current governments, so locations on some of the new discovered planets would be chosen from.

The way to go to the planets was only one way, so once you got to the planet their bodies were adapted to be able to survive in them and the only option was to pass the selection in which he would have to kill other people to save his own life and stay there to live in the colonies.
Thus began the fighting to the death: A group of candidates were chosen and only one remained. That is how the earth's population began to shrink. However, this will be a process of many years until reaching that 5% of the population. Even so, the process has been going on for several years and it is believed that it will last for many more years.

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