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August 20, 2021

The PS5 version of Ghost of Tsushima now features proper Japanese lip sync. But how does it compare to the original PS4 version?

A point of contention for some players during the release of Ghost of Tsushima was the lack of lip sync when playing with Japanese audio. Considering the game’s setting and how playing it in Japanese is featured as a selling point when you start the game, this exclusion did hurt those looking to experience the game this way.

This is because the original PS4 release of Ghost of Tsushima used pre-rendered cutscenes, which were so big, they could barely fit on the game disc. This didn’t leave the space for alternate cutscenes with different lip sync. In the PS5 version, The Director's Cut, the cutscenes rendered are in real-time. This allows room for Sucker Punch to add in Japanese lip sync.

As someone who played Ghost of Tsushima in Japanese this is by far the favorite new addition, it’s still not perfect in a few spots but it’s a massive improvement. Playing in Japanese, you don’t find yourself distracted by the lip sync the way you might have been previously. Watch this video for yourself to see the differences between the two versions.