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January 28, 2022

Release date 01/28/2022

Don't Be Afraid is an adventure horror game, that allows you to personate a boy, kidnapped by a psychopath. You have to survive, escape and find out how you were kidnapped. Exploring the gigantic, mysterious house of your torturer, you will soon reveal many secrets, hidden inside it’s walls…
* The uncommon perspective of a child as a main character,
* Three different endings of the story,
* Immense world of kidnapper’s house with numerous, hidden secrets,
* Additional items that unlock extra features,
* Dangerous enemies with unique set of skills,
* Bleak and dark atmosphere of dozen locations,
* Terrifying drawings, mysterious notes and documents that reveal the story of the house and it's residents.

Rated Mature

#horror #survival #firstperson #walkingsimulator #puzzle #horrorgame #kidnapper #secrets #adventure #escape #explore #dangerous #enemies #darkatmosphere