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September 18, 2021

We officially live in a reality where Destiny's Trials of Osiris is no longer half baked. The pinnacle end game PvP activity is rewarding as ever and is the most popular weekend activity in Destiny 2. Here's why every Destiny 2 and FPS gamer needs to check it out.

Trials of Osiris relaunched during Destiny 2’s Season of the Lost with lots of new changes, and the revamp is a major triumph for developer Bungie. The mode used to be a bit of a waste of time for all but the best Destiny players, but that’s no longer the case - although there have been some rough passages for solo players. 

of Osiris requires players to duke it out in a high stakes Elimination PvP mode where teamplay and callouts are just as important as individual skill level, and the stakes grow with each successive match. Players hope to go “Flawless” where they win 7 matches in a row without losing any, in hopes of reaching the Lighthouse, an exclusive social space that is open only to Flawless players  and that provides exclusive "adept" rewards. 

Not too long ago, going flawless in Trials felt like an insurmountable task but we’re at an unprecedented time now where skill-based matchmaking, crossplay, a new rewards track, and an incredible amount of interest in the game mode has led to easily one of the best Trials weekends in Destiny history. In this video we break down all the major changes and why everyone, not just PvP addicts or Destiny superfans, should hop in and see just what Trials is all about now.