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September 7, 2021

Bus Simulator 21 | Your Bus. Your Route. Your Schedule.

Welcome to Bus Simulator 21, the most comprehensive and advanced entry in the entire genre. With 30 officially licensed buses by 10 world-famous brands - including Blue Bird, BYD, Mercedes-Benz, Scania & Volvo - an unparalleled variety awaits you.

Discover a huge open world on two massive, freely explorable cities - Angel Shores in the USA and Seaside Valley in Europe. Head out to the vibrant Chinatown district, get up the surrounding hilly countryside, roam through the industrial and outlying districts or pick up workers at the business park.

Take use of the large amount of management options present in Bus Simulator 21. Create your own routes, design and coordinate timetables, buy and sell buses, plan efficient routes and take into account the daily peak hours. Customize your buses however you want, both on the inside and outside.

Experience the revised traffic and pedestrian AI, improved graphics, a floating day-night cycle, fully dynamic weather and new convenience features like fast travel.

Play alone or with friends in the cooperative multiplayer for up to four players - both in the extensive campaign and however you prefer thanks to the completely open sandbox mode.

Bus Simulator 21 is now available on Xbox One and fully playable on Xbox Series X|S as well.

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