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October 9, 2021

N this episode of GameSpot News, we explain why Battlefield’s open beta is months old, why EA might rename the FIFA series and when you can expect to see Halo Infinite ranked gameplay.

In this video, DeVante talks about why the Battlefield 2042 open beta is already facing a variety of bugs and issues just a day after going live. DICE also published a list of known issues with the Battlefield 2042 open beta, some of which have already been fixed for the full game's release in November.

DeVante also explains the reason EA is thinking about renaming their FIFA series of soccer games. This situation is similar, in some ways, to what's happening with EA's college football series which will return without the NCAA title. 

Later on, Halo Infinite’s ranked gameplay is revealed to be coming very soon and NPD credits a rise in game sales on older generations and lapsed gamers.

00:00 - Intro
00:16 - Battlefield Glitches
01:08 - EA could rename FIFA series
02:17 - Halo Infinite Ranked Gameplay Coming
02:47 - Older Generations buying games again
03:24 - Outro