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November 9, 2021

Let’s get you caught up on Battlefield 2042 ahead of release. We’re here with a full overview of features like All-Out Warfare, Portal Mode, Hazard Zone, Specialists, when to play early, post-launch seasons, and more. 

Battlefield 2042 goes into early access on November 12 and fully releases on November 19. There is a massive amount of information to catch you up on. Even with a couple of preview events and an open beta, it’s hard for players to gauge exactly what the game will be like at launch. 

In this video, we’re catching you up on everything. We have a full breakdown of the 10 Specialist characters available at launch, what classes they fit into, and what their Specialties and Traits are. Then we’ll go over what we know about the maps and how they are different or similar to past games in the franchise. Even though there isn’t a campaign, we’ll tell you the basics of the story, which involves a looming war between the United States and Russia and the "No-Pat "characters caught in the middle including Irish and Oz. After that, you’ll get a full breakdown of modes, including All-Out Warfare, Portal, and Hazard Zone. The latter, Hazard Zone, is probably the biggest departure from previous Battlefield games of the past-it's a squad-based competitive match consisting of phases, a battle-royale-inspired one-life system, and its own currency called Dark Market Credits. Finally, we’ll cover new gameplay mechanics like the Plus System and what we know about post-launch seasons, including their battle pass system. 

We’re putting out tons of videos about Battlefield 2042, so while you’re waiting for a review, head on over to and watch the 21 Things Every Battlefield Player Should Know.