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October 7, 2021

Here's over 8 minutes of gameplay from the Battlefield 2042 Beta, including awesome firefights, vehicular combat, and even an up-close and personal look at the extreme weather system — by diving into a Tornado!

EA has launched the Battlefield 2042 beta, allowing players to dive into the hugely anticipated all-out warfare Conquest mode. We had an early look at the game during a hands-on preview event with three hours of gametime prior to the beta's launch, so we put together this highlight reel of over 8 minutes of Battlefield 2042 gameplay from the beta.

In this video, we show off the assault weapons class primarily in the hands of several specialists such as Boris, and McKay. You will also see the new vehicle call-in system in action, as well as the new attachment changes letting you adjust your weapon on the fly. 

Finally you’ll see part of the levolution of the Orbital map, with the rocket launching into the sky. We’d also be remiss to not mention the wicked new tornado wrecking havoc on players and the map and how that looked for the first time as we dive headfirst into the Tornado and try to withstand the bullets from enemies. For more Battlefield 2042, be sure to stick to GameSpot as we’ll be bringing plenty of tips, breakdowns, and more gameplay!