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February 12, 2022

Sifu is a demanding game that requires you to master the art of kung-fu on your quest for revenge and in this video, Persia goes over 12 useful tips to help you when you get your first taste of combat.

From strategically unlocking abilities to learning combos, there are many different ways to fight your way through Sifu's brutal bosses. Making use of blocking, dodging, and parries can help you stay alive in the middle of a crowded fight and managing your environmental resources, weapons, and structure will be the key to dishing out damage.

Persia also goes over combos, invulnerability frames, and more useful combat tips for the game that you might have overlooked. For more Sifu coverage, be sure to visit

Intro - 00:00
Invulnerability Frames - 00:16
Learn combos and use all of your tools - 01:02
Block, parry, and dodge - 01:53
Structure System - 02:37
Back away to regain Structure - 03:30
Don’t underestimate your environment - 03:47
Try to start each fight with a weapon - 04:11
Build with your age in mind - 04:50
Grind levels to earn XP and permanent unlockable skills - 05:22
Shortcuts - 05:55
Focus attacks - 06:13
Use the cloud to manipulate saves - 06:15
Outro - 07:22